Why You Should Consider Getting An Amphibian as a Pet

Are you looking for something a bit more unusual than a pet fish? You might consider a snake, but many people are afraid of snakes. The next popular alternatives are other reptiles, such as lizards. While lizards are beautiful, interesting creatures, you should also consider amphibians. You can learn more about getting amphibians as pets by reading the articles at petnailexpert.com.

Three Types Of Amphibians You Can Keep As Pets

Red Eye Tree Frog

The red eye tree frog is one of the most beautiful examples of tree frogs. They are very small, not poisonous, and have a vibrant green skin. They are commonly found in South and Central America, usually in rainforest climates.

The main feature for a tree-frog tank should be an artificial tree. Make sure that it has leaves. Tree frogs spend most of their time on the large leaves of jungle trees, so you shouldn’t choose a tree without leaves.

The Red Spotted Newt

Newts are part of the salamander family. Salamanders might appear to be part of the lizard family, however, they are actually amphibians. Newts, in particular, are found in moist areas. You might have seen newts around a pond or lake. Their skin secretes a poison, however it is not dangerous as long as it isn’t ingested.

When setting up a tank for a newt, it is important to have a lot of water. You don’t want a tank filled with water, but you should devote a larger portion to a pond section then you would for a frog.

You should also have some foliage. You don’t need top put in a large tree structure, but a few water plants would be appropriate.

Fire Bellied Toads

These small toads get their name from their vibrant color patterns. The colors are designed to deter predators. Their skin is mildly toxic to humans, so if you do handle them, it is important to clean your hands thoroughly with soap when you are finished.

These toads like to swim, so you need to provide them with adequate water. They are small and will do well in a 10-gallon tank. The base of the tank should be covered in smooth pebbles. Large rocks should be placed on top of the pebbles. These rocks will remain above water when you fill the tank. You should also place water plants in the tank. The toad will use these for shade. Once you have set up the rocks, fill the tank with water so that there is at least 4 inches of water.

It is important to have a light source, ideally a UVB light, as well as a water filter. You will feed the toads crickets. It is also a good idea to use a multi-vitamin powder designed for amphibians and dust the crickets before you feed the toad.

Many pet stores like petnailexpert.com have amphibians for sale, and their employees can answer any additional questions you may have about caring for an amphibian.


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