Understanding what are organic foods

The USDA defines organic agriculture as a technique that produces products using the best practices designed to prevent the environment and keep away synthetic, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified foods. They have a specific criteria in which the farmers have to grow crops and bring up the livestock and the type of seeds and feeds they can use.


These requirements covers a huge range of products right from farm to table and points out issues such as water and soil quality, livestock practices, pest control and rules for food additives.

To summarise organic food is defined as food prepared by following strict rules and practices to meet certain standards. It is very beneficial to eat organic foods Brisbane. It is said that organic is good for you and the planet.

Animals on organic farms have a better life. They are fed organically and live outdoors in the natural environment.

Organic foods do not have any chemicals. When you consume food that is grown with the help of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones, harms your body. These toxins affect you liver, lungs, kidneys and skin. Organic foods do not have these toxins and are therefore safe.

The pesticides sprayed on non organic produce often end up in the soil making it less fertile. This degrades the quality of the soil. Organic farms are better as they avoid use of such pesticides and chemical.

Many food products are genetically modified and then sold in the supermarket. The producers generally do not specify such products therefore you should buy only certified organic products. 

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