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Guidelines For Ship Vetting Inspections

The following layer in this article would be the delegation given to petty officers and consequently, to the rest of the team, this will achieve an understanding all of the ways down through the ranks.

Before the inspection preparations can be made in certain parts of the ship The inspector Might Need to have a copy of the following:

· Classification Document

· IMO Certificate of Fitness

· IOPP Certificate & Supplement

· Certificate of Financial Responsibility

· A Drawing of the vessel's cargo tank arrangement

· Vessel's Safe Manning Document

The following documents need to be available for a successful ship vetting Inspection (a few are not applicable to all vessels):

Masters should lay out the certificates in precisely the exact same sequence as they appear in the VPQ/VIQ. This saves time and produces a good impression of ordered preparation.

· Health Certificates

· P&A Manual

· Approved COW Manual

· Approved Ballast Manual

· Oil / Cargo record book

· Oil transfer procedures

· Garbage log for compliance with MARPOL Annex V

· Proof of freight hose/piping testing

· Proof of fixed and portable firefighting equipment servicing

· Proof of specialist servicing breathing devices

· Proof of life raft servicing

· Settings for vessel's PV valves

· Shipping file and freight manifest

· Certificate of inhabitation or stabilization of cargo

· Declaration of Inspection if moving bunkers

· Cargo Information Cards for your cargo on board

· Waiver Letters, should any

· Safety Manual

· Company's policy for updating and training.

Be Ready to calibrate and/or demonstrate the proper operation of:

· Combustible gas detectors or fixed gas detection system

· Oxygen analyzer

· A Toxic gas detector

· Overboard release monitor

· Cargo pump Emergency shutdown and posture alarms

· High-level alerts

· Overfill alarms

Be prepared to demonstrate the proper operation of These systems/alarms:

· Inert Gas system alerts

· Oily water separator

· Fire fighting methods

· Steering gear

· Emergency generator

· Engine room ventilation shutdowns