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Plan Your Best For The Memorable Honeymoon


There is no person under the sun who doesn’t need a break from the monotony of life. Honeymoon is much needed respite for the newly married couple after months of wedding preparations.For many couples, it's also the trip of a lifetime, a completely rejuvenating and the first long, exotic trip they take together. While it sounds heavenly, the task of planning a honeymoon gets stressful too.There are few tips which can prove to be helpful while planning a honeymoon, they are;

  • Plan in Advance- The earlier one starts the better it is. One must start to plan early to get the best available prices.The ideal time to book honeymoon is six to eight months prior, especially if one is planning to go to some specialized resort, as premium n best rooms get booked up early.
  • Set aside Budget for honeymoon-Weddings can get costly so one must keep in mind the budget for wedding and for honeymoon both. As the wedding preparation gets costly one feels tempted to take it out of the honeymoon budget, but one must think about it as wedding ceremony lasts about six hours whereas honeymoon generally lasts 10 to 14 days. So a budget must be kept aside for honeymoon.

When one thinks of honeymoon destinations it doesn’t mean a luxury resort on an island renowned for its natural beauty, it is defined as a faraway foreign country where the couples explore the place while knowing each other better.