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Creative Tree Pruning – The Rules Don’t Always Apply

Guidelines for tree pruning are built around the concept that all trees have health/structural integrity that was great and has good conditions. Well, allow me to tell you this isn't normally the case. Many tree calls I go on here in Austin, Texas require methods to assist the tree fit within its surroundings. You can get more info about tree trimming via visiting http://www.treekingofli.com/tree-pruning/.

Creative Tree Pruning - The Rules Don't Always Apply

The normal rule for this does not do it. Tree pruning is usually not a great tree trimming technique. We are talking about cutting the ends off this tree's branches. I am 100% convinced that trees do not grow limbs so we could have something to cut, and I am 100% positive that the leaves on the ends of these branches are creating food for the tree.

But, there are a few situations. Let us look at "vista pruning" Literally interpreted as view pruning; the objective of this is to enhance a scenic view. You would have to live in the mountain country to comprehend this.

Lots of people would spend half of the life-savings to get a gorgeous house on the face of the tallest hill overlooking a gorgeous canyon, and in a few years the garden trees have grown up and blocked the whole view. Can we cut the tops of the branches down in height without destroying the tree?

Allow me to give you one little factoid about the indigenous trees alive on the mountain country slopes: their average life expectancy is about 40 years. Trees growing on the side of steep slopes have time rooting. I'd assert that pruning the top of a tree in height accomplishes two things here.