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Best Long Staple Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Finding the best long staple Egyptian cotton sheets are pretty easy to identify if you follow a few simple rules when researching for what you want to buy.

Let's make a quick list what you need to know to hit your goal.

1. Price

2. Is it really ELS?

3. Deceptive marketing tactics.

Price is a major sign of what you're buying when it comes to Egyptian cotton sheets or anything made from Egyptian cotton. Everyone knows the very best is Giza 45 Egyptian cotton, but with single top sheets exceeding a thousands dollars, most just can't afford this luxury.

Don't worry, there are many other options for Egyptian cotton that is actual ELS. All of the other Giza lines are a fraction of the cost of Giza 45. In most cases, as long as you stay away from the coveted 45, you'll end up with a complete set of some of the softest Egyptian cotton sheet set in the neighborhood of 200 to 500 bucks.

The danger of looking for ELS cotton is the marketing laws that govern them. For any cotton that holds the claim of Egyptian cotton, only 5% of it has to be cotton grown in Egypt. The sad part is that your sheets could be 95% upland cotton that is no different than US grown short staple cotton.

If your price is below 200 to 250 dollars or has a thread count over 1,000, you are likely getting a blend of ELS and regular upland types of cotton, but who knows what the percentage actualy is on that set.

Pay attention to thread counts. Real ELS cotton should have thread counts as low as 200 and as high as 500. Over this should make you question it's legitimacy. This does not mean it's a fraud, just more likely to be a fraud. So awesome brands like Sferra, who does carry the Giza 45 brand does have higher thread count sheets in a sateen weave, and because of their long established brand, you know you're getting the real thing. There are a handful of brands out there in the same situation as Sferra.