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Automated Marketing Systems Causing Mass Confusion For New Network Marketers

What is the Difference between an Automated Marketing System and an Automated Marketing System?

HUH? Does not that sound like double talk?

Well, yeah it does, but people hear the term “automated advertising system" all of the time and in actuality, they are sometimes a quite different one from the other. To learn more information about automated marketing systems you may check here https://engage48.com/b2b-lead-generation/marketing-qualified-leads/.

 Automated Marketing Systems Causing Mass Confusion For New Network Marketers

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On the one hand, people are hearing that automated marketing systems are absolutely crucial to conduct a well oiled online marketing company and on the other hand, they hear leaders in the business say to beware of automated marketing systems and not be gullible to purchase. So what is the deal?

Well, that is because there are numerous kinds of situations where automated marketing techniques get involved. 

Automated Advertising System Scenario #1

As people surf the internet, they encounter sites where an automated system has been promoted as the solution for their lack of creating money online.

Or, they have never looked into making money on the internet and there are thousands of sites promoting how they could maintain cash flow within 24 hours if they just plugged in now.

The advertisement will promote the characteristics of the automatic system as a"plug and play" and you will find heaps of dollar bills rubber banded alongside a computer or even better, they're falling from the sky over the computer.

There is no telling exactly what the product or services might be that they're promoting, could even be some type of money Xmas program or who knows what.