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What are Social Dancing Etiquettes?

For anyone involved in social dancing, there are some basic rules of etiquette to apply when on the dance floor. In case you are looking for best dance classes in Tullamarine, then you can hop on to websites such as isolationperformingarts.com.au, etc.

Rule no. 1: Personal Grooming

This is perhaps the most important rule from the perspective of the people with which you will be dancing. No one would want to dance with a person who is sweaty, when you go dancing, it is important that you make sure you are clean and smell good too.

Rule no. 2: Watch where you’re going

If you are leading, it is important that you watch out for your follower to make sure that she or he does not bump into anyone. When dancing in a crowded place, it is important that everyone is paying close attention to where the other dancers are at all times in order to minimize the risk of colliding with another couple and potentially causing injury.

Rule no. 3: No instructing

If you are social dancing outside a lesson, there should be no teaching or . This is considered very rude for a person to attempt to teach the partner with which they are dancing.

Rule no. 4: Saying No

There is absolutely no harm in saying ‘No’ to someone who asks you to dance with them. Just say it as politely as possible, that you would like to sit this one out.

Dance etiquette is seen as a very important part of dancing. And as a matter of people would respect you is you respect them as well.