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How to Get Help in Windows 10

In case you are experiencing difficulty with Windows 10, you most likely want to get answers quickly in order to get back to job. You may get assistance from Microsoft customer support utility in Windows 10 or by live telephone call or online talk from Microsoft technical support advisor. Carry out various ways listed below to manage complications in Windows 10.

Press F1

The F1 key is the actual means of receiving support. Hitting F1 in a program usually starts that program's help menu. However for MS Windows 10, the button exclusively conducts a Bing search in your default internet browser for keyword phrase "how to get help in Windows 10".

Ask Cortana

If you'd rather speak than write, you could ask Cortana for help learning about ordinary issues with Microsoft Windows 10. It's possible to grab video tutorials and guides of complications with Cortana digital assistant in Windows 10. Type Cortana over the Start menu search option on Windows 10 and search out Windows troubles.

Inquire Support App for Solving Problems

Microsoft has created an assist app in MS Windows 10 to eliminate Windows problems. Select the Get Help or Contact Support tool in Windows Start option search. Here, you can easily inquire a query or surf with key phrases to find documentation from Microsoft that should sort out your problems.

Online Chat or Live Call

In Get Help window, certain assistance methods would be offered by Microsoft to solve Windows 10 troubles. You can consider phone call me back option from Get Help window to speak with some Microsoft help agent to assist you over the telephone. If that time frame isn't appropriate, it is easy to schedule a call, selecting time that best works with your schedule. Online conversation is also available to communicate and acquire help from Microsoft expert.