21 days of ketogenic diet

A ketogenic diet is a very effective diet plan that can bring back your original shape. The ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet and it makes your body a fat burning instrument.

Many types of research have proven that a 3 week diet that consists of ketosis can produce tangible results for you. Basically, a ketogenic diet results into ketosis. When your body is in the ketosis state, it starts burning fat for energy. If you use safe weight loss supplements that work in ketosis state, you'll burn fat at a much faster speed.

Ketosis is a situation when your body starts production ketones that are vital for weight loss process. The basic science behind this concept is that you are supposed to eat a very low-Carb food.

How does Ketogenic diet work?

A low-carb food will restrict the production of insulin levels that make a huge difference in weight reduction process. If you are eating more carbohydrates then your body will release more insulin levels and, as a result, insulin will store the carbs as fats into your body.

Similarly, if you eat low-carb foods for three weeks, you’ll observe mind blowing results.

How many Carbs should I eat?

A basic rule of thumb is that you must not eat more than 50 grams of carbs in a day. However, some experts say that a person should not eat more than 15 grams of carbs in a day.

At the end, it is for sure that you’ll start losing weight effectively if you adopt ketogenic diet for at least 3 weeks.

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